I have translated nearly every type of text in many subject areas, from user guides to sales contracts between global wholesalers and retailers. As a former technical writer in software development I have experience in the translation of technical content and can provide technical software documentation and software, website, and user interface localization, as well as translation management. Over the years the bulk of my translation work has included technical documentation, legal texts, and business and marketing. I am also available as an interpreter as needed, for example, in the on-site proofreading of real estate and legal transactions.


Need to localize your website or create a brochure for your business? Perhaps you are applying to an international organization and need some feedback about your cover letter. I can provide any type of text that you need, for example, website content, texts for online advertisements, web pages, email newsletters, blog posts, and social media posts.

Editing/ Proofreading

A good editor generally evaluates an entire text to improve it in terms of content, purpose, organization, style, tone, and, of course, to correct any errors in spelling and punctuation. For texts already prepared or content provided by you I can shape your message to your needs. I have extensive experience in editing articles for publication or creating CVs or resumes. I am happy to help you create successful texts in exactly the form and with exactly the message you want.

We write for you

to inform

to delight

to engage your audience

always with high standards

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Corporate Communications

For companies discovering the varied needs of texts used in marketing I am happy to create monthly rates for the regular delivery of a number of effective texts such as blog posts, press releases, stories, news items, and case studies, etc. Euroword offers small and medium-size companies customized packages to meet their corporate communication needs that include templates for submissions to various social media channels and style guides to help you create your own content.

Technical Documentation

Anything built needs instructions just in case the user needs a little help. Give me your product and I will write about it for you.