About us

euroword provides translation services around the clock. We focus primarily on the German to English market, with translation services that go beyond simply changing words around.

euroword is based in Heidelberg, (Baden Wuertemberg) Germany and provides English language services for business and private clients here in Germany and abroad. With extensive contacts to other linguists, writers, native speakers, academics, and otherwise intelligent people, I am dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible language services.

Many companies and small businesses have an ongoing need for translation and/or documentation services, from creating user documentation for their products to localizing the actual product or their website. Additional needs may include the creation of marketing brochures or presentation material. All of these activities may be outsourced to euroword, while still maintaining a local personal contact with someone who knows you and your needs.

Given our location in southern Germany, with its long history of small businesses and manufacturing facilities, we are particularly interested in building long term cooperative partnerships with businesses and individuals. We would be happy to visit your company and personally meet with potential customers to fully understand and assess their documentation needs.

After many years of living and working in several different countries, I settled in Germany. I am a native American English speaker with degrees in languages (BA, MA) and experience as a teacher of English and German and a technical writer in software development. As a freelancer I translate, write, and edit text for a wide variety of purposes and subject areas.